Like most recycled materials, recycled stone is good for the environment, good for your business and good for your bottom line.

The stone has been reclaimed from projects where it was no longer needed, preventing usable material from going to the landfill and providing low-cost building materials. Recycled stone is also referred to as recycled clean stone, reclaimed stone and recycled crushed stone.

Gregs Landscaping carries the following types of recycled stone:

Recycled Stone: Recycled 1 1/2" Blend

Recycled 1 1/2" Blend

Recycled Stone: DGA (Crushed Concrete)

DGA (Crushed Concrete)

Recycled Stone: 2 1/2" Clean

2 1/2" Clean

Recycled Stone: Recycled Screened Asphalt

Recycled Screened Asphalt

Recycled Stone: Asphalt Millings

Asphalt Millings

For all the recycled stone products we offer:

Prices: Competitive retail prices.

Delivery: We can deliver recycled stone to NJ, PA & NY.

Free Delivery: All purchases of bulk material, recycled stone, crushed stone, aggregate stone and decorative stone; with a minimum purchase of 5 cubic yards and a maximum of 10 cubic yards; within 5 miles of 1598 Reed Rd, Pennington, NJ—will qualify for free delivery.

For more information about pricing and delivery of recycled stone, please contact us.