Dirt Delivery in NJ, PA, & NY

Our fill dirt is typically used to fill in holes and depressions in order to level out uneven ground. Fill dirt is made up of the level directly below topsoil, known as subsoil, and lacks the nutrient organic matter found in topsoil. Generally, fill dirt is excavated from construction sites where soil needed to be moved for building. Fill dirt is not the same thing as topsoil. Topsoil is a poor filler for holes because the organic matter will decompose overtime, causing portions dirt to sink and the surface to become unleveled.

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Fill Dirt


Truck Load of Fill Dirt

Names:  Dirt may be referred to by a variety of different names.  Some of the most common names include fill dirt, screened dirt, unscreened dirt, clean fill dirt and pond fill.  Dirt is NOT topsoil, which contains organic matter (dirt fill has little or no organic matter).

Color:  Brown.

Prices: For specific pricing information, please call us at 609-737-5713.

Delivery:  Dirt delivery in bulk is available in NJ, PA & NY.  For orders over 3 Cubic Yards and within 10 miles of our location delivery at retail prices is free

For more information about our fill dirt pricing, please give us a call at 609-737-5713


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